Northeastern Ontario is your next staging point for hunters and backcountry explorers, where fine resorts and lodges, great dining rooms, and pristine wilderness are just minutes away.

Black Bear
Black bear hunts begin in mid-August and end in November when the bears have entered their winter dens. Black bear hunters know that dispatching a trophy bruin is not only a matter of matching brawn, but also wits. The black bear’s intense sense of smell and hearing make them ideal for the careful hunter, those looking for a challenge and a truly impressive trophy. Male black bears range from 250 to 600 lbs, females from 100 to 400 lbs making these animals formidable quarry. Even so, the wait can be long, and patience and focus are all-important.


The white-tailed deer is a proud, graceful creature, a testament to the strength and silence of a perfect wilderness excursion. White-tailed deer in Ontario are monstrous, requiring large bodies to weather the chilly climate. As a result, antler size is comparably vast. Judge the difference yourself: while most white-tailed bucks average 140 to 250 lbs, Ontario bucks can top 300 lbs. Even the mild winters of recent years have contributed to buck growth. Some believe that now is simply the best opportunity to hunt deer in Ontario in the last 100 years.

Grouse (Partridge)

Various types of grouse, from the popular ruffed grouse to the spruce grouse, live across Northeastern Ontario. The ruffed grouse exists in greatest abundance, roosting clear across the province to the tip of James Bay. There is ample time in the hunting season for upland birds.


Ontario has been a waterfowler’s hotspot in North America for more than a decade. Whether you hunt for duck or goose, from boat or shore, Ontario offers such a wide range of waterfowling experiences that a lifetime spent hunting is barely enough to sample it all. Goose hunters will find an abundance of Canada and brant geese searching for food across the tidal flats, or preparing for the long migration south along James Bay and Hudson Bay. Duck hunters will find goldeneye and pintail. In either case, hunters can be assured that the harvesting limits for both duck and geese are generous.


Moose are emblems of the outdoors, the royalty of the wilderness. The image of the stately bull, or cow wading through the marshland is an image seared into the consciousness of any lover of the outdoors. Moose hunting may be the most challenging and rewarding type of hunting there is. Tactics range from calling and lying in wait to tracking along game trails. No matter what your preference, there are myriad opportunities to experience the rush of the chase. Considering that an adult cow can weigh as much as 800 lbs and an Ontario bull in his prime can tip the scales at 1,400 lbs, you’ll need all the stealth and help you can get.

Beginners can check out a guide to ethical hunting here.

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Bear’s Den Lodge

Bear’s Den Lodge, on the French River, offers American Plan Meal Packages or fully equipped Housekeeping Cottages for preparing your own meals. A five minute… Read More

RR2 Hartley Bay Rd., Site 3,
Alban, ON
(705) 857-2757

Sunset Bay Inn

Enter as guests and leave as friends. Sunset Bay Inn, located on beautiful Big Nellie Lake (12 km from Iroquois Falls), offers three private rooms… Read More

82 Sunset Bay Road,
Iroquois Falls, ON
(705) 232-4768

Deepwater Lodge

Deepwater Lodge is an island resort located on Lake Temagami. We are PET FRIENDLY!! So much to do, come check us out!… Read More

80-203 Lake Tamagami Access Road,
Temagami-Marten River, ON

Lakeland Airways

Lakeland Airways operates a Dehavilland Beaver in the Temagami area and offers remote fly-in fishing, canoeing, hiking, and sightseeing trips. Our fly-in fishing packages are… Read More

25 Lakeshore Dr.,
Temagami-Marten River, ON

Gordon’s Park

Gordon’s Park Eco Resort on Manitoulin Island is a unique outdoor destination in Northeastern Ontario! We offer camping, tipi tenting, a stargazing cabin, wilderness campsites,… Read More

18777 Hwy. 6,
Tehkummah, ON
(705) 859-2470

White Pine Lodge

Enjoy your very own wilderness experience on the Montreal River/Lady Evelyn Lake system. Semi-remote, accessible by boat, and endless waterway awaits for you to enjoy… Read More

Haileybury, ON

Flood’s Landing Camp

We are a drive-to non-serviced campground with seasonal and overnight camping available. Also available are 3 housekeeping cabins with sleeping accommodations for 4… Read More

913 Flood Landing Road,
Cochrane, ON
(705) 271-5253

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