Travel Media

We love travel media in Northeastern Ontario; and with a region as BIG as ours, we’ll never run our of stories to tell. If you’re interested in writing, filming or photographing in Northeastern Ontario for your publication, don’t hesitate to contact our media liason. If you’d like to write for our travel blog, we’d love to hear your pitch.

Our marketing efforts are divided into four strategic categories or “pillars.”

  • Nature & Outdoors: Hiking, biking, paddling, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and camping
  • Fishing & Hunting: Recreational fishing; ice fishing; fly fishing; and small game, moose, bear, and deer hunting
  • Touring & Motorsports: Snowmobile, motorcycle, boating, and ATV touring
  • Attractions & Festivals: Check out our Event Calendar for some of Northeastern Ontario’s biggest events.

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