5 Impressive Must-Visit Waterfalls

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Whether it’s the endless lakes of Temagami, the mighty Mattawa, or the James Bay, Northeastern Ontario is known for its water attractions. And nowhere is the power and majesty of nature’s liquid bounty more evident than in Northeastern Ontario’s multitude of impressive waterfalls. From 100-foot drops to elegant horseshoe formations, here are five of the must-visit falls in the region.

Eau Claire Gorge Falls


These falls have the best of both worlds: easy access by car and an impressive drop. The main falls are 12m tall, pouring into a narrow gorge. The falls are split in two part way down its descent by a rock that juts out above the rushing stream. Walk along the sides of the gorge to view these falls from all angles.

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New Post Falls


These falls pour out of a shockingly deep and narrow gorge between two cliff faces which are topped by towering evergreens. The mighty Abitibi River is compressed through this small channel at a fast clip, but then calms at the base of the falls as it spreads out over the wide pebble-stewn river bottom below. This pristine environment allows visitors to truly appreciate the unexpected magic of these falls.


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Kap Kig Iwan Falls


With a name derived from the Ojibwe phrase for “high falls” or “water running over the edge,” no wonder Kap-Kig-Iwan is the proud protector of several stunning waterfalls. The park’s Hell’s Gate Trail includes waterfalls ranging from wide expanses of river with short drops to the roaring main falls. Whitewater rapids connected these special spots and rock steps guide visitors down to the best spots for photos.


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Bridal Veil Falls

Manitoulin Island

Bridal Veil Falls – the name conjures images of the soothing sounds of cascading water and a peaceful, romantic ambiance. Manitoulin’s so named falls live up to their promise, with picturesque falls surrounded by lush foliage in a rural location. And just down the road in the small village of Kagawong, you’ll find a local chocolate shop and a tranquil view over the quiet waters of Mudge Bay.

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Onaping Falls


One of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in the Lake Huron watershed, these falls drop 150 feet over a series of smaller drops. Found at the edge of the Sudbury Basin (a 2-billion-year-old impact crater), the entire area is geologically significant. Less than 45 minutes west of downtown Sudbury, these falls are found by traversing the trails behind a visitor’s centre which offers parking and washroom facilities. One of the trails leads to a pedestrian bridge above the start of the falls which offers great photo opportunities.

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