Cultural Crossroads: 101 Experiences

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Cultural Crossroads: 101 experiences is a project developed by the Northeastern Ontario Consortium (CNEO).

The project has two overarching goals: 1) develop Northeastern Ontario’s tourism industry and 2) help create more welcoming communities. Creating 101 cultural Experiences in the region will help address several socio-economic issues, including population decline, low immigrant attraction rates, and racism.

The main feedback we received from the 70 organizations who participated in the information sessions was that we needed to be more inclusive towards smaller communities and organizations, who already have a relationship with their members and clients. For this reason and due to the second wave of the pandemic, we have decided to adapt the training to an online “Train the Trainer” format. The training is a 4-week program, including 3 hours of self-directed educational content and a weekly 1.5 hour Zoom session with the group. The first training program starts on the week of November 16th, with 3 concurrent groups offered in English, in French, and for the Indigenous community. Click here to view a copy of our updated project Strategic Plan.

There will be no cost to participate in the online program. Instead, the 101 Experiences team will offer a stipend to your organization in exchange for coaching people to develop experiences. At this time, we can confirm an honorary fee of at least $500 to your organization for each experience developed.

If you are interested in participating in the Train the Trainer program, please complete the attached form by clicking on the link below. You are also welcome to forward this email to other organizations that you think would be interested in taking advantage of this program.


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