Snow Tours In Northeastern Ontario

DO The Chiniguchi Wolf Loop – 223 km

DOThe Cartier Moose Loop – 254 km

DOThe Gold Rush Tour – 710 km

DO The Abitibi Canyon Loop – 303 km

DO The Gateway to the North Tour – 215 km

DO The Lumberjack Loop – 145 km

DO Northern Corridor Adventure – 1,645 km

DO Ride Around Nipissing (RAN) Tour – 400 km

DO Explorer’s Snow Tour – 234 km

DO Deer Loop – 175 km

DO Rainbow Elk Loop – 325 km

With some of the most reliable snow in Ontario and one of the longest seasons around, snowmobiling is an altogether different experience in Northeastern Ontario! The trails are wide and fast, the snow conditions are great, and the people are always friendly.

Four Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club (OFSC) districts and thousands of kilometres of groomed trails winding through awe-inspiring winter forests make Northeastern Ontario your destination for an awesome sledding experience.

Our lodges, resorts, hotels, motels, and restaurants are always welcoming, so make tracks for Northeastern Ontario where your next snowmobiling adventure awaits.

Visit the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide
for the most up-to-date Trail Conditions!

Want to extend your ride further into the Northeast? View connecting routes of our partners in the Municipality of Greenstone  and the Town of Hearst

If you’re new to the sport, check out these tips for snowmobiling in Northeastern Ontario. Whether you’re trail riding or exploring our backcountry, there’s always something new to discover up here. Like one of the best snowmobile destinations in the world, the recently re-opened Mattawa River Resort. And last, here’s why this is the best place to ride in March and April.


Northeastern Ontario’s snowmobile volunteer clubs and district organizations work tirelessly all year long to keep our trails in great shape. Consider following them on Facebook for updates directly from the trail!

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