In commemoration of Annette and Cecile’s 83rd birthday on Sunday May 28th, the Callander Museum will be showcasing a special one-day exhibit on Saturday May 27th.

Beginning in 1936, the largest calendar company in the world at the time, Brown and Bigelow, licensed the image of the girls and commissioned two painters to create yearly illustrations to be distributed in calendar form. The Callander Museum has, in its collection, calendars from 1936 until 1955 – minus 1938. In addition, we have one of the original paintings by Andrew Loomis that was then printed into calendar form for the 1942 illustration “Springtime.”

The exhibit will have the calendars on display, background information on the artists, and it will explore how the media portrayed the girl’s through promotion and endorsements such as these calendars. The exhibit will run all day from 10-5 pm and beginning at 1 pm cake will be served. Admission will be $2 all day.