The Alex Dufresne Gallery is pleased to present New Works: Solo Exhibition of Jürgen Mohr
Please join us on Saturday May 6 from 2-4 pm for the opening reception of Jürgen’s exhibit. There will be light refreshments and the museum will have no admission. The artist will be present.

The exhibit will run from May 6 to June 17.
Our hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10-5 pm.

107 Lansdowne St. E. Callander
705-752-2282 or [email protected] for questions

Artist Statement:

“There are two areas of geography in my experience as an artist which have influenced my paintings and sculptures. Northern Ontario has had a significant impact on my art over the years. There exists something elemental, raw and original in the north, a primordial and mystical quality that is not restricted to the northern landscape, but is continuously present and accessible to experience. The primal energy of the land, its surroundings and our history bring me into contact with forces that are original and profound.”

“This same indigenous quality of Northern Ontario, is palpable in the Dominican Republic, the country of origin for my wife. My exposure to this foreign land and Latin American paintings with their fiery palettes and that ‘fearfulness of nature’ lurking in their shadows continue to influence my colour and style.
The Dominican experience with its tropical archaisms co-mingles with the mysterious power of nature in our Northern Ontario landscape. Each canvas and sculpture is a striving to convey the mysterious power of existence not through traditional representational techniques but through a primitivist style and symbolic form.”