The Alex Dufrense Gallery is pleased to present:

“New Works” by Rick Wade Cunnington

This solo exhibition features the works of North Bay artist Rick Wade Cunnington and will be primarily composed of new pieces.

The largely self-trained artist from North Bay pursues his passion for abstraction using oils, acrylics and experimental media, such as tar and cement, on canvas. His canvasses evoke a mysterious presence and are remarkable for their apparent simplicity and yet at the same time, their complex structure and form.

His greatest influence has been the work of Milton Resnick, an Abstract Expressionist painter from the 1960s. Mr. Cunnington recalls reading a quote years ago that became a kind of mantra and guiding light for him.

“You have to give in to what the paint says… You have to do what it’s telling you to do.”

Artist Statement:

“For the last 10 years I have been painting non-representational art and experimenting with standard and unorthodox materials including plaster, sand, asphalt sealer and oils.

The use of heavy impasto oil in a free and abstract manner allows me to build up textured layers upon layers with a muted reference to landscape. Even the titles to most of these paintings reflect my connection with the natural environment. Although my paintings start without any preconceived ideas the colour and the texture of my paint becomes the painting.

The paintings sustain a delicate balance between vibrant energy and stillness.”

Please join us on Saturday July 7, 2018 at 2 PM, with opening remarks at 2:15 PM, for the reception. It will run until 4 PM and there will be light refreshments.

You can see a sneak peek of the exhibit during Callander’s FunFest celebrations on June 30th!