Live tunes, skating, sliding, coffee, hot chocolate & chili (vegan & non-vegan versions) and maybe some cob oven bannock-style bread.
The saunas will also be stoked and ready to remind you that warmer days are ahead. One sauna for keeping your duds warm & dry and the other for getting you hot & wet and ready for the snow.
This is our first go at a Winter event with live outdoor music . . . most festivals do their Winter events indoors! Not R&S . . . how would that be appropriate?
And . . . it’s Family Day. Bring your family or join your R&S family. 11am-5pm

Advance online tickets:
$20 + HST + CC Fees = $23.42
For 2017 R&S Volunteers:
$10 + HST + CC Fees = $11.86

At the Door:
$25 (HST included)
$15 for 2017 R&S Volunteers (HST included)

ALL TICKETS PRICES INCLUDE COMPLIMENTARY HOT BEVERAGES! Bring your own mugs/cups and drinking water.

Parents – please ensure that your children wear helmets if they are new to winter activities and that they are supervised while skating and sliding.