Certified Life Coach, Lisa Wilson and Registered Yoga Teacher, Emma Cote have this crazy idea. They think that since it’s Your Life, you get to live it Your Way. So everything they do in their own lives, and at this retreat, will be in service of that idea.

The Your Life, Your Way Yoga Retreat is more than just a weekend of relaxation. It’s a time to remind yourself what really matters. If you’re craving emotional release, or the opportunity to get to know yourself a little better, this retreat was designed especially for you. This is more than a weekend at the spa. We want to go a little deeper than the surface.

Through Lisa’s infectious authenticity and open-hearted approach, you’ll gain access to insight about parts of yourself you didn’t even know were holding back.

Lisa and Emma have teamed up to design yoga classes and group coaching sessions that will compliment and flow with one another, covering topics such as finding your creative side, goal setting, personality exploration, gratitude habits and so much more.