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When most people think of the City of Greater Sudbury, they think of a rocky mining community. Few people know that when a giant meteor hit this spot on the planet 1.8 billion years ago, it created a vast terrain filled with endless freshwater lakes, rivers and streams.

Absolutely every species you could imagine is available when fishing in and around Greater Sudbury. Walleye, bass, pike, and muskie are the most dominant species targeted throughout the year, but there plentiful populations of trout lakes in the surrounding area.

Sudbury Northern Pike

Drive an Hour, Fish for Days

The surroundings offer many great opportunities within an hour drive:

  • North of Chelmsford up the Hwy 144 corridor has endless lakes and species.
  • East of the city is Lake Wahnapitae and its river system along with Lake Nepewassi and the West Arm of Lake Nipissing south of Hagar. Visit Mashkinonje Lodge on the West Arm of Lake Nipissing for epic walleye, pike, muskie, and bass fishing.
  • West of town takes you to Agnew lake, which is a dam-controlled reservoir along with the pristine waters of Fairbanks Provincial Park. Check out Agnew Lake Lodge for great walleye, pike, perch, and bass fishing!
  • South of the city down Highway 69, offers the French River, Pickerel River and Killarney watersheds that have Lake Huron strain fish. This alone makes it worth the trip. Check out Fish Tale Cabins & Campground on the French River for awesome walleye, muskie, pike, and bass fishing.

Check out the wide list of partners available to choose from when booking your next adventure to the area. There are accommodations for everyone forms the family getaway to the boy’s weekend of strictly fishing on the agenda.

Fishing Opportunities Year-Round

Zone 10 surrounds the City of Greater Sudbury and has opportunities for year-round angling success. An all-year pike and bass season keeps the itch at bay while all the other species are closed for spawning. World class trophy fisheries are available for all species and many of these trophies are won every year.

Sudbury Northern Pike (2)Ramsey Lake is located within the centre of the city and is the most used body of water in the community. Walleye and smallmouth bass populations are increasing every year and angling reports have come back unanimously successful. Bass tournaments and community events are held throughout the year. The Vale Living with Lakes Centre keeps a close eye on this fishery and community resource; recent studies show the rebound of deeper oxygen levels through the discovery of burbot in the system. This is excellent news which has stemmed ongoing discussions related to the re-introduction of lake trout that once called this fishery home.

Lake Panache is arguably one of the best year-round lakes in the area. The extremely healthy, diverse year classes and variety of species are proof of the lake’s caliber. The lake’s depths hold healthy populations of lake trout and lake whitefish along with walleye, pike, smallmouth, and a very healthy population of largemouth bass!

Penache Largemouth

Onaping Lake is another destination fishery for the residents of Greater Sudbury. This is one of the largest water bodies in the area and is host to some trophy class species. Walleye, smallmouth bass, pike, and lake trout are the main target species in this dam controlled system. Onaping is part of the Spanish River system, known for its world class species.

There’s no reason to have to leave the comforts of a city to enjoy memorable fishing trips. The City of Greater Sudbury has you covered to plan your trip today through their year round angling opportunities in the surrounding areas. Visit this area to see a land and its bodies of water carved out by ancient history that has left us with literally a piece of heaven on earth.

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