Get Muddy! Top 5 ATV Trails

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The all terrain vehicle, ATV for short, with its go anywhere capabilities is one of the easiest off-road machines to please. All you need is a patch of dirt, a bit of mud, a few rocks and you are good to go. It just so happens that Northeastern Ontario has 1,000,000+ square kilometres of just the type of territory that make an ATV rumble with happiness.

The ATV rider on the other hand is a bit more complex, his or her happiness requires all of the above, plus quality accommodations, good food, and perhaps most importantly a map that will guide you through some of the best ATV trails anywhere.

So where do you start? As luck would have it Northeastern Ontario put that question to ‘the masses’. Well almost that question. The exact wording was, “What are the top five ATV destinations in Northeastern Ontario? ” The people have spoken and here is a guide to what should be your next five ATV adventures.

5. Timmins Recreational Trail System

Unfortunately these trails are not accessible at current – please check back for future updates.

4. Wasi Lake Trails

Located about 40 minutes outside of North Bay, you can explore the paths of trappers and loggers nearby the northwest edge of Algonquin Park. Start your ATV adventure at Booth Landing Camping & Cottages on the shores of beautiful Wasi Lake in Chisholm. Whether you cottage or camp, the trail starts at your door and heads into the surrounding crown lands where you’ll find more deer, moose, bears, bald eagles, and owls than people.

Want some company? Every year Nunzio and Cindy, the owners of Booth Landing, organize a group ride starting at 10 or 11 am about 4 hours in duration, with a break for lunch on the trail and a full steak dinner back at Booth Landing. This year’s event falls on September 23rd.


3. Voyageur Multi-use Trail System

Mattawa loves ATV’s so much that they developed the Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System (VMUTS) practically walking distance from town. The 300 km mapped and signed trail system offers something for every skill level including side by sides and UTVs.

Comprised mainly of old, forest-covered logging roads peppered with river/stream crossings and lookouts, it would take more than two weeks to experience the VMUTS in its entirety.

The ATV Adventure Package with Mattawa Adventure Camp
Experience 3 days of ATVing on Voyageur Country’s Multi-Use Trail System and stay at one of the premiere ATV adventure camps in the world!

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2. Kukagami Trails

The simplest way to find the epicentre of the Kukagami Trail system is to look up Sportsman’s Lodge Wilderness Resort on Kukagami Lake Northeast of Sudbury. Owner George Robbins spends countless hours maintaining and expanding the trail network. With a maze of old and forgotten logging roads and trails left behind from the area’s long history of mining and logging, his work never stops.

There are loop options for full day rides amid old pines and sparkling lakes. For the hardcore rider, ask about the Goat Trail and be ready for a workout. If adventure is your thing, try the 2 day, 400 km loop to Auld Reekie Lodge in Gowganda and back.

1. Cochrane ATV Node

Located at the northern limits of Ontario’s paved road system with a territory slightly smaller than the US State of Michigan, it’s not hard to envision Cochrane’s huge ATV touring potential. With its limitless trail network you can ride for days without crossing paths. There’s boundless potential for the backcountry explorer.

There you have it–five good reasons to load up the ATVs and make Northeastern Ontario your next trailside vacation destination. With the recent changes to Ontario laws most municipalities now allow ATV’s, Side-by-Sides and UTVs to cross municipal roads and some communities, and even let them ride the shoulder to get to restaurants, gas up, and head straight to riders’ accommodations. It’s a great time to get dirty!

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