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Blind River is a stunning community located on the world-renowned North Channel. It is a unique community with the benefit of highway as well as waterway gateways that lead you to art, history, recreation, and a year-round welcoming attitude!


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We have affordable business spaces and land to build an affordable dream home. If you think access to fresh water, clean beaches, or cottages is only for those who are wealthy, think again. Be spoiled by endless lakes and beaches you can enjoy on your schedule. Say goodbye to endless noise and congested spaces, and hello to the northern lights and shooting stars.

Our community is filled with year-round fishing, hiking, skiing, cycling (bring your snow tires to train off-season!), ATV areas, and snowmobile trails for endless stretches.

Our Downtown is ready for you to grab an ice cream cone, go for a bra fitting, get your photos taken, pick up new amazing eyewear, get your hair cut, pick up a homestyle lunch, fill a prescription (either at the pharmacy or LCBO, we won’t judge!), buy a bouquet of flowers, get a pedicure, buy a just-because present, redo your will, have a beer, check in with your accountant, snail-mail a love letter, or grab baking supplies! If that list made you tired, take a seat outside of our library and enjoy the bustle of downtown with a coffee.

Covid told the province to stay home—we didn’t care, because we have it all!

If you need to get a fix in the 6, a short drive gets you to an airport that will have you at your meeting or get-together. An hour-long flight and you are back.

The move is worth it.

Come and work, live, and play in a community eager to see new, friendly faces.

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Blind River is a stunning community located on ...

11 Hudson Street
Blind River, ON