Welcome to Moosonee + Moose Factory!

The Gateway to the Arctic

Located on the edge of the Arctic, the Town of Moosonee was originally settled in 1903 by the Revillon Frères of Paris as a fur trading post to compete with the Hudson’s Bay post across the river in Moose Factory. Getting to Moosonee is half the fun! All travellers arrive by train or by plane. Once you’re there, you can travel to Moose Factory by boat taxi in summer, by ice road in winter, and by helicopter during spring break-up.

GO – The Railway Car Museum displays the cultural history of the area in an old baggage car of the Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway.

DO – Guided trips on the Moose River are an excellent way to see a bearded seal snoozing on the shore or a beluga whale coming up for air!

SEE – Stunning sunrises, spectacular sunsets, and magnificent moonrises await you on the Moose River.

SNAP THIS – Riding the Polar Bear Express train from Cochrane to Moosonee presents a rare opportunity to photograph some of Northern Ontario’s most pristine wilderness.

A Bearded Seal