Ontario Plowmen’s Association launched the first International Plowing Match and Rural Expo (IPM) in 1913. Each year, this annual outdoor agricultural & rural living festival is held in a different community and in 2019, for only the second time in the event’s history, it’s coming to Northeastern Ontario!

From September 17-21, more than 800 acres of farmers’ fields located within the boundaries of the small town of Verner in the Municipality of West Nipissing will be transformed into a massive tented city, competition plowing fields and serviced RV park.

A unique tourist experience, the IPM welcomes upwards of 80,000 visitor from both rural and urban communities to learn about agriculture through interactive displays, demos and workshops, all while showcasing its host region.

At IPM you will gain a better understanding of agriculture, learn about how and where food grows, the technology and innovative approaches used by the industry and how the sector impacts communities. This exciting and coveted event draws MPPs from Queen’s Park to try their hand at plowing and gain a better appreciation for the contributions of rural Ontario to the province’s economy!

A highlight of every IPM are the plowing competitions which draw competitors from throughout North America. IPM visitors marvel at the horsemanship required to compete in the horse plowing classes and are equally impressed by the tractor power needed for the antique plow and conventional classes. It takes pretty big tractors to power these large, ultra-modern reversible plows! But the IPM is about far more than plowing! There are performers, live music and demos, a wide range of displays, educational opportunities, crafters, retailer and food vendors galore.

Visitors can even stay on-site in the official IPM RV park which will be located a short walk from the tented city. RV guests will have convenient access to all activities, an exclusive entertainment tent featuring local talent, as well as complimentary shuttle service throughout the park and show grounds.

Plan to join in on all the festivities in West Nipissing! Relax, have fun, shop, learn, cheer on plowing competitors and delight in our famous Northeastern hospitality! Stay five days as you will never be able to experience the IPM 2019 in one day!


We are proud to work with the follow partners to present the Northeastern Ontario Pavilion!

The Northeastern Ontario Pavilion will be in the tented city! Come on by to say hi and learn all things Northeastern Ontario and meet our great partners!

We are also looking for artists, musicians, and cultural experiences to perform, or display at the pavilion stage. For more information or to reserve your spot please contact Aimee at [email protected]