North of Bloor

Episode 1

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Meet Arianne Shaffer, just your typical outdoor adventurer from Ontario. Well, not exactly. In this pilot series, join storyteller and city-dweller Arianne Shaffer on a quest to cure her urban rage blackouts. She's in search of some Big Quiet. Will she find it on Manitoulin Island—her first trip North of Bloor? Tune into these four bite-size episodes to find out.

Episode 1

Arianne gets a lift to Manitoulin Island for her first stop in the great north and immediately has to confront one of her biggest fears: team sports.

Episode 1

Arianne makes it to Manitoulin and faces one of her biggest fears: team sports

Episode 2

It's an acquired taste.

Episode 3

Arianne makes some big discoveries at a powow before heading off to find some quality nature

Episode 4

Did Arianne find what she what was looking for after all?