What Do You Get the Person That Already Has Everything?

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Well folks, winter is officially here and December is just around the corner. Are you starting to think about what to get for the members of your family and those closest to you? I hear the following question far too often: “My significant other is an angler/hunter/outdoors person, what should I get them?”

Standard product lists and stocking stuffer ideas are great, but sometimes the gift of an experience is the best of all! This is especially true for the angler, winter lover or outdoors enthusiast that already has everything. It can be difficult to know what bait, rod or reel, brand of electronics, certain accessory, or just about anything specific that a person needs, or really wants. I say let them splurge on themselves with the envelope of cash from grandma and set them up with exactly what you know they are going to love – a BIG experience in the Great Outdoors.

No matter where you’re from, Northeastern Ontario is BIG. There are so many action packed and awe-inspiring activities that it can be hard to narrow it down to just one or two. Is ice fishing a staple in your recipients winter activity line-up? Do the trails and exhilarating rush of of a snowmobile call their name? Or maybe they can they be found carving the slopes of one of the many local ski hills.

Winter is a magical time in Northeastern Ontario, and we are lucky enough to enjoy a wide range of winter activities each winter. We’ve put together some of our favourite experiences available to choose from so that you can enjoy them all!

Ice Fishing


Fishing has to be at the top of my list! Each year I have grown fonder of this tradition. Heading out in anticipation with sleigh and all the gear in tow; followed by setting up a shelter with heat and all the fixings makes for an excellent day targeting your preferred species. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to hit the ice in a fully functioning and heated ice bungalow where every last thing you could need is available and done for you—other than the catching of course!

The following partners offer winter fishing experiences, and are more than happy to answer all your questions. I know I would be blown away with this on Christmas morning as a gift I would least expect.
(Are you reading this, Mom?)

Ice Fishing Package w/ Big Moose Camp

2 or 3 night’s Accommodations
Heated Ice Huts, Drilled Holes, Tip-Ups & Minnows
Starting at $180/person


Ski or Snowboard Getaways

This is a gift that an individual, couple, or your entire family can enjoy. The hills and trails offer an active escape, and help to enhance the appreciation for the true beauty of our surroundings. Many of these destinations offer breathtaking views, freshly groomed trails, untouched back country, and the exciting potential to see wildlife such as lynx, snowshoe hares, snowy owls or even a moose!


The resorts below are getting prepared and wishing for snow for the upcoming season. Season’s passes, lift tickets, lessons and accommodations are all available for that special someone.



North Bay

Greater Sudbury


Many of our operators offer packages to make planning your trip a breeze:



If the person on your list spends each and every weekend on the trails I can almost assure you they already have everything they need. The areas where you can help the most are crucial to their enjoyment—food and lodging. Every single trail rider has a destination in mind and quite often is set on their favourite trails and restaurants. Keep an ear open as talks of the upcoming season occur and pick up gift cards from local diners along their routes.


If you want to leave them in awe, a weekend’s accommodations or one of the packages listed below would be least expected but most welcome.

Northeastern Ontario is very well known for its cold and snow filled winters so treat those closest to you with gifts they will enjoy to the fullest. These are great options and gifts that would be least expected. Each and every year anglers, skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers alike travel throughout the region in pursuit of their passion. Check off that special someone today and head over to our full list of partners to find the perfect gift!

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