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10 Paddling Day Trips: Find Canoe, Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals in Northeastern Ontario.

From the first moment I dipped my paddle, I loved kayaking, and now that summer is in full swing, there is no shortage of reasons to get out for a fun day on the water in Northeastern Ontario. 

To help inspire your next summer roadie, I’ve featured fifteen destinations with daily watercraft rentals in Northeastern Ontario with suggested routes to explore.

Algonquin North Wilderness Outfitter


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Book a self-guided adventure with Algonquin North Wilderness Outfitters from Pimisi Bay to Campian Rapids. With a shuttle service at the start and end of a half-day paddle downriver, it makes this trip easy and stress free. However, you may want to make it a full day to include Talon Chutes – If you’ve never been before you’ll want the extra time for sightseeing! 

There are up to eight portages along this section of the Mattawa River. Stop on the shoreline to enjoy the sights, plus beautiful sights like Paresseux Falls on the way to Portage Campion at Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, where your return shuttle will be waiting.

  • Daily canoe, kayak, paddle board rentals, plus guided and unguided multi-day paddle trips.
  • Located 18 km from Mattawa and 44 km from North Bay.


Boathouse Rental Co.


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On Lake Nipissing’s waterfront, the Boathouse Rental Co. operates on lifeguard-supervised Sabogesic Beach. With over 600 feet of sandy shore, it’s an easy launch for novice paddlers and an excellent access point offering a unique point of view of North Bay’s shoreline. Stay close to shore and avoid the waves farther out!

When you’ve finished paddling, don’t forget to go for a refreshing swim!

  • Kayak and paddle board rentals, online booking is available.
  • Located in North Bay, 37 km from West Nipissing and 64 km from Mattawa.


Killarney Outfitters

Stop at Killarney Outfitters to pick up your rental gear – and a copy of the Friends of Killarney Park’s George Lake Paddle Guide – before exploring this popular paddling destination. With your interpretive booklet, you’re ready to get your canoe – on George Lake’s beach – and learn about its geology. Keep an eye on wind and weather conditions!

For paddlers who want to explore the tempestuous Georgian Bay, rental sea kayaks are stowed at the Chikanishing Creek access point.

  • Canoe, paddle board, sea and recreational kayak rentals are available for daily or multi-day trips.
  • Reservations recommended.
  • Located 4 km from Killarney, 106 km from Sudbury and 155 km from West Nipissing.


Fairbank Provincial Park


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The original name for Fairbank Lake is Wa-Shai-Ga-Mog, meaning “clear water” in Ojibway. For a spring-fed lake with crystal clear waters up to depths of 8 meters, the title is perfect for this summer destination that attracts paddlers, swimmers and snorkelers to Fairbank Provincial Park. Bonus – there is also a short yet challenging hike up the bedrock outcrops. 

  • Canoe rentals are available.
  • Located 58 km from Sudbury and 147 km from West Nipissing.


Halfway Lake Provincial Park


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From Halfway Lake, paddle south to Bailey Lake – and portage into any other lake in the park for a motor-free experience. Look for nesting Bald Eagles and a Great Blue Heron rookery as you head deeper into Halfway Lake Provincial Park on the Two Narrows Canoe Route.

  • Canoe, kayak, and paddle board rentals are available.
  • Located 84 km from Sudbury and 172 km from West Nipissing.


Marten River Provincial Park


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Look no further than Marten River Provincial Park for a flat water paddle at the southern gateway to the Temagami region. Marten River is perfect for exploration; find hidden bays, sandy shoals, islands, beautiful shorelines and wetlands teeming with wildlife. An easy way to spend the day out on the water.

  • Canoe, kayak, and paddle board rentals are available.
  • Located in Marten River, 41 km from Temagami, 58 km from North Bay, and 127 km from Sudbury.


Finlayson Point Provincial Park


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Launch from Finlayson Point Provincial Park for a taste of Temagami’s wilderness. The Northeast Arm of Lake Temagami can get windy, so novices may want to stay near the park’s point and explore the surrounding bays and numerous islands.

  • Canoe and kayak rentals are available.
  • Located 1 km from Temagami, 57 km from Temiskaming Shores and 98 km from North Bay.


Smoothwater Outfitters

You’ll be paddling in no time when you visit Smoothwater Outfitters, conveniently located on James Lake. It’s a small lake, but at the south end, there’s a portage into Granite Lake connecting to the canoe route west, leading deeper into Temagami.

Were you hoping to combine a paddle with a hike on this roadie? Choose from one of the Temagami day trips suggested on the outfitters’ website, like the Cliff Top Ridge loop.

  • Daily canoe rentals are available, plus multi-day paddle trips.
  • Located 15 km from Temagami, 42 km from Temiskaming Shores and 113 km from North Bay.
  • I know this list is about day trips, but the best place to finish your outing is staying at Smoothwater Outfitters & Lodge – with the local food meal package add-on!


Esker Lakes Provincial Park


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Launch from Panagapka Lake and start your exploration of Esker Lakes Provincial Park, with 15 km of paddle routes and fairly level portages. These motorboat-free lakes are perfect for seeking peace and finding solitude.

  • Canoe, kayak and paddle board rentals are available – and paddle boats too!
  • Located 35 km from Kirkland Lake, 77 km from Englehart and 155 km from Timmins.

Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park

Launch your Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park rental on Saw Lake, Teck Lake, or head up the Ivanhoe River, where you’re sure to see waterfowl and possibly eagles.

As you explore the park, keep scanning the shoreline – you might see moose. Keep clear and give these big mammals a wide berth as you pass by.

  • Canoe rentals are available – and paddle boats too!
  • Located 12 km from Foleyet, 96 km from Chapleau and 113 km from Timmins.


Bonus: Kettle Lakes Provincial Park

The northernmost paddle location on this list is Kettle Lakes Provincial Park. Paddle along the Jack Pine-edged shorelines, look for waterfowl and listen to songbirds in the Boreal Forest’s canopy at one of the spring-fed kettles lakes formed by glaciers. Rentals are available at five of the 22 lakes at Kettle Lakes Provincial Park. How many will you explore? 

  • Canoe, kayak and paddle board rentals are available – and paddle boats too!
  • Located 46 km from Timmins, 74 km from Cochrane, and 111 km from Kirkland Lake.

What more is there to say? 


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The hot summer weather is here and what better way to stay cool while exploring than on the water? Pick your destination, pack your towel and start your adventure! Northeastern Ontario is waiting for you.

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Heidi is a nature photographer who fell in love with Northeastern Ontario’s wild charms after her first time exploring the region. She likes to wander the trails at a snail’s pace, enjoys birdwatching - and lets the current carry her kayak to watch the scenery passing by. Fun Fact: Heidi has an insatiable hunger for hamburgers.