Unforgettable Ice Fishing Experiences in Northeastern Ontario

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Are you experiencing the winter blues and looking forward to the summer months already? Don’t be in such a rush—Northeastern Ontario is home to some of the best outdoor winter activities in the province, including downhill and nordic skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobile trails that meander the entire region, and a diverse amount of ice fishing. There are many ice fishing outfitters ready to give you an action packed weekend!

Ice fishing is a Canadian pastime and winter activity that extends throughout all generations. Nothing beats the crisp morning air and the sound of auger blades making their way through the ice. As soon as the water releases and splashes around the hole, your excitement level rises of what is to come. The constant jigging of your bait and scanning of the still lines can keep you in anticipation of a bite the entire day. Nothing beats the beauty of nature and what the overall adventure of ice fishing can provide to you.

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Choose Your Own Experience

Local outfitters or ice fishing guides are a great way to provide yourself with an experience you otherwise wouldn’t receive. The outfitters spanning the Northeast know their local fishing holes, techniques and, most importantly, put some fish on the ice. Outfitters will also provide local knowledge of the area and access to breathtaking views and there is always the potential of having wildlife added to your experience.

Huts and bungalows eliminate the uncomfortable winter edge and provide you with an enjoyable, camp-like experience. Bungalows can accommodate 4—8 people for a comfortable overnight experience that include heat, lighting, stove tops or BBQ’s, sleeping arrangements and even heated washrooms! You can’t get a much better environment for fishing—these accommodations are more of a luxury than most days on the water during the summer months!

Lodges also offer a great experience that includes motel-style accommodations with day trips to a variety of inland lakes and day use huts. The majority of these packages include meals, lodging and transport to and from your fishing destinations. Guides are available at most of the lodges within the region and should be taken advantage of. Local knowledge will assist you and eliminate the hassle of finding the fish and what baits to use. These are their home waters and should be trusted. You are their guest and they will keep your best interests in mind.

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Have we got you on the hook? Call one of our great outfitters below today for an unforgettable experience on one of the excellent lakes within our BIG and abundant region:

Packages & Planning

Ice fishing packages include but are not limited to:

  • transportation
  • shelter (hut or bungalow)
  • drilled holes
  • fishing gear, ask outfitter
  • heat source
  • bait
Big Moose Camp Ice Fishing Package
Includes ice huts, minnows and tip ups starting at $180 for 2 nights.onn-callander-bay-dreamin-006

Must have items to bring include:

  • fishing license
  • warm clothing and quality boots
  • fishing gear (optional)
  • food and drink
  • chair
  • personal entertainment (cards, board games, etc.)
  • flashlight
  • sleeping bag, pillow and toiletries (overnight accommodations)

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