6 BIG Must See & Do Adventures in Northeastern Ontario!

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Who Is Back Roads Bill? He’s Northeastern Ontario’s Resident Expert on the Natural World!

In every area, there’s that one guy who seems to know everything about where the coolest stuff is. Sometimes we get lucky and bump into these people at just the right moment and they can change our trip for the better. These days though, it’s as easy as the click of a button to find the local experts who’ve visited the unique vistas, who know the location of the hidden waterfalls, and who understand the geology behind rock formations.

Back Roads Bill Steer is Northeastern Ontario’s resident expert – the kind of guy you hope to bump into when on you’re on your trip – the kind of guy who knows all about the BIG gems that are hidden right in your own backyard. He’s put together some photos and digital maps for others to follow to these incredible places and spaces. “Access is key,” he says, to these unique and “not-so-difficult-to-get-to sites.” Here are the best of his “minute and a bit” videos. He’s a pretty friendly guy too so don’t hesitate to stay in touch with him. I know I’m looking forward to his next six videos on winter experiences!

The Waterfall – New Post – Cochrane, Smooth Rock Falls and Kapuskasing

“All history,” the saying goes, is “contemporary history.” People instinctively turn to the past to help understand the present or “it isn’t often we can turn back the clock.” There is one journey to a destination in Northern Ontario where you will enjoy a breathtaking vista, a towering gorge and revel in the sounds of the roaring water as it plunges into a pool many tens of metres below. Read more.

Lasting Legacy – Great Day for a Picnic – Temagami

You have just climbed the Temagami Fire Tower and hiked the White Bear Forest. What a view, one of the many you will discover in Northeastern Ontario. And those white pine trees, majestic. After all it is Grey Owl country! There are many forest access or logging roads in Northern Ontario. One road in particular reflects a long standing heritage. Read more.

The Best Swimming Hole – Sudbury Area

People often ask where a really neat place to go swimming is. Not a beach but a good ‘ole swimming hole. Read more.

Moon Rocks – “Go and See ‘em” – Foleyet – Timmins

We know the moon is not made of Swiss cheese. Neil Armstrong proved that on July 21, 1969 during the Apollo 11 mission. We tend to remember the event or the person more than the date. Read more.

Stonehenge of the North East – Kirkland Lake – Larder Lake

Myth or belief, maybe it is like the Loch Ness monster? You see what you want to see; you think what you want to think. What’s more fun than a mystery where you can write the ending? On a back road near a unique shoreline is a configuration of huge boulders that pose more questions than answers. Read more.

Alvars and the Ancient Sea – Manitoulin Island

A destination can be unusual because it is interesting or different. We can learn much from these anomalies. Manitoulin Island is blessed with incredible natural beauty mainly because of the rocks. Its rocks are oddities. Read more.

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