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Manitoulin Island, Ontario, located in Lake Huron, is home to a friendly, family-oriented, outdoorsy type of people who love to share their good fortune of being surrounded by ‘Fresh Air +  Fresh Water  +  Fresh Food!’  Islanders enjoy telling stories by the campfire, being on the lake, and enjoying being surrounded by nature. Some may say they are behind on the times, yet they say, “we are all about creating good times!” 


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Manitoulin Island balances the old and new ways in a way which creates unique and highly memorable Cross-Cultural Experiences you want to ‘Enjoy + Embrace + Explore,’ over and over again – year after year!

As they say on Manitoulin, “Our door is always open and we love to have company, so we hope to see you soon :)”

PS.  If you want to get away to simpler more down-to-earth rural life, venture in the relaxing outdoors where time slows down and reminds you to take time for yourself, family, and friends, go to Manitoulin Island. Manitoulin offers beautiful natural sites to traditional small community events including the opportunity to embrace authentic First Nation Pow Wows to experiencing year-round sports to live theatre and enjoying the taste of local farm and ‘Island-wild’ fresh foods.

Stay well, and Safe Travels to You
From Manitoulin Island
Until later – Baamaapii

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