Papineau-Cameron Map

For centuries, explorers set off from Mattawa and rested there when they returned. At the junction of the Mattawa and Ottawa rivers, the area’s importance grew due to its location along the voyageurs’ canoe route from Montreal to the Great Lakes. From world-class outdoor activities to loads of local history to top-notch cuisine and hospitality, Mattawa Voyageur Country brings small town charm with big town amenities and attractions.


Papineau-Cameron Map

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Beautiful Log Cottage

Beautiful Log Cottage - 3 Bedroom (inc Sleep ...

492A Moosehead Road, Box 250
Mattawa, ON

Antoine Mountain

Located in the Laurentian Mountains between two ...

596 Highway 656
Mattawa, ON

Sid Turcotte Park

Sid Turcotte Park near North Bay and Area in ...

750 Mattawan Street
Mattawa-Bonfield, ON

Le Voyageur Inn

Nestled in Mattawa, Ontario, Le Voyageur Inn is ...

351 Main Street
Mattawa, ON

Mattawa River Cottage

Located on the historic Mattawa River, The ...

Water Street
Mattawa, ON

Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System

Voyager Multi Use Trail System (VMUTS) provides ...

790 John Street
Mattawa, ON

Mattawa Golf & Ski Resort

Mike and Brenda Martel wish you a warm welcome to ...

2314 Highway 17
Papineau-Cameron / Mattawa, ON

Two Rivers Motel

Two Rivers Motel is located in Papineau-Cameron, ...

4801 HWY 17 W
Papineau-Cameron, ON

Mattawa River Resort

Travelers who love the great outdoors will ...

6251 Highway 17
Mattawa, ON

Mattawa Adventure Camp

We are a year round camp located in up North in ...

4601 Highway 17E
Mattawa, ON