Great Legends Tour

Once in a while you just need to ride. You need to answer the calling…to clear your head, feel small again, and regain appreciation for your life on your terms. When the Great Legends of the North call, you answer that call with a growl of the throttle. Distances are great but so is the peaceful solitude. The road, seemingly endless road, touches the sky. You will find solace and compassion from the mythical giant legends: the Great Polar Bear, the Great Bison and the Great Fish, as you meander along your chosen motorcycle journey in search of mythical beings….in search of your calling.

It may take 5 days, or 20. Only you will know when it’s time to come back.

Must See: Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat, Sudbury’s Big Nickel, Cedar Meadows’ Bison & Elk.


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Great Legends Tour

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