Northeastern Ontario’s lakes and waterways are the perfect place to set your sights on your next personal best. Driving through this region you’ll see freshwater every few minutes–and it’s hard not to stop and drop a line when you do!

Northeast Ontario caters to a number of different fishing styles–freshwater and fly fishing, canoe and kayak angling, powerboats, and ice fishing on foot or by snowmobile. The waterways here could keep you busy for a lifetime, never touching the same lake twice–as long as you’re willing to wet a line. 

Take full advantage of our pristine lakes and rivers by enjoying a stay in one of our world-class lodges and camps. Use the map below to to find the perfect accommodations for your family or group or visit our Places to Stay page.

At our fishing lodges and camps, you’ll find experienced guides, boats for rent, remote fly-in experiences, lakes and rivers with plentiful stocks and local experts who can point you in the right direction, no matter what style of fishing you’re doing, or what species you’re after. They offer everything from housekeeping cabins to full American plans where every detail is taken care of. All that’s left for you to do is fish and relax. 

If you’re looking to enjoy our lakes for a day, there are plenty of public launches throughout the region–and you’ll find locals eager to help.

Public launch signs can be seen throughout Northeastern Ontario and there are dozens of lodges and parks with easy public access. Last minute unplanned trips, especially in the shoulder season, will still reward you with fish–just keep any eye on fishing seasons and restrictions before you travel to ensure a successful trip. There are so many easy ways to plan your escape! 

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What species are you after?


Our borders start on the rocky shorelines of Lake Huron. Follow the coast to the tributaries of the Great Lakes, or head north into the tens of thousands rivers and lakes in Northeastern Ontario.

Lakes here range from mesotrophic to oligotrophic. The mesotrophic lakes offer lots of fun opportunities to fish natural structures for warm water species such as bass, walleye, muskie, and pike. And our oligotrophic lakes have deep, crystal clear waters perfect for all types of trout.

Some lakes have the best of both worlds and while you’re here you’ll have the opportunity to catch both natural and stocked lake and brook trout.

Locations and Seasons


See yourself heading out into a blanket of fog for the first light bite on a quiet calm lake? This can be managed just about anywhere in the region, but if you want that lake to be your very own, you may consider a fly-in or remote drive-in option. There are lodges that also operate year-round with fully guided ice-fishing trips. 

If you’re a fly angler, you’ll appreciate this region’s sheltered lakes and rivers where you can escape wind and waves amongst picturesque islands. Most species in Northeast Ontario can be caught on a fly rod, while bass, walleye, pike, and muskie all enjoy streamers of various sizes. Your lodge host will fill you in on what colours and patterns to use. Lake trout can be targeted in shallow waters in the early spring turnover when the season opens, and this is also a great time to have the lodge and the lake to yourself in the early shoulder season. 

Gear anglers are set for all seasons in Northeast Ontario. Cover miles and miles of water a day as you take off from the lodge, coffee in hand, camera at the ready for wildlife sightings and personal best catches. 

Lodges and outfitters have ice huts ranging from simple shelters to ice bungalows with satellite TV. You’ll find our ice-fishing culture is among the best in the nation, with whole towns springing up on ice every winter. 

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Ice Fishing Is Our Thing


From the thrill of bringing a healthy winter fish up through the ice, or the feeling of contentment you get cozying up after a day spent outside, ice fishing is a quintessential Canadian pastime. And Northeastern Ontario is known for its ice fishing culture once the water ices over.

From classic ice huts to luxurious ice bungalows, you’ll find experiences below that will fit your preferences. A friends’ weekend, a couples’ getaway, or a family vacation–ice fishing is all about the memories you make on the ice–and about the killer fish you’ll find in our Northern lakes.

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New to Fishing? Want to Learn?


If this is your first season fishing, you may be hesitant to plan a fishing trip somewhere new, but Northeastern Ontario is a wonderful place to learn and we’ve been working with lodges and camps across the region to make the transition as easy as possible. You won’t regret making the trip when your skills, and catches, advance quickly.

Experience Fishing is a Northern program that helps new anglers find lodges that offer gear and guidance for beginners, and perfect for families. If you’re interested in learning about a specific species or you’d like to get lures, rods, and other equipment to help target some of our species, Experience Fishing lodges offer packages to suit all levels.

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Resources and Regulations


Before heading anywhere new, every good angler should check the region’s rules and regulations. It’s important to respect the seasonality of species to make sure you have the best vacation possible.

You also need to make sure you have the proper fishing license for the type of fishing you’re doing.