National and Provincial Parks

Travel Info – Provincial Parks

Northeastern Ontario is home to an immense array of Provincial Parks and protected areas. While some are just a short car ride from an urban centre, others require weeks of planning and a float plane or canoe to reach. If you’re planning a trip to the region, any one of these stunning places will fill your cup with the best nature Northeastern Ontario has to offer. Whether you venture to the sub-arctic remote wilderness of Polar Bear on the shores of Hudson’s Bay, or stick to the sunbaked cedar and smooth rocks of Misery Bay on Lake Huron, how far you go into the wilderness is up to you.

Easy day trips

These parks are an easy drive on paved roads, about an hour or less from an urban area. Head over for a day trip or spend a few nights camping to enjoy all the beauty they have to offer.

From Sudbury


This iconic 645 square km wilderness landscape showcases the wild Georgian Bay Coast of pink granite, the La Cloche Mountains’ white quartzite ridges and over 50 exceptionally clear, sapphire lakes set among Jack Pine hills. 

1hr 15mins from Sudbury to park gate


Located on the Aux Sables River with a quiet campground and 6km hiking trail with great views of scenic waterfalls and the river gorge. 

1hr from Sudbury to park gate

Windy Lake

Fantastic sandy beaches and great swimming; cross-country skiing in winter. 

45 mins from Sudbury to park gate

Halfway Lake

Located at the southern edge of the Boreal Forest on the rugged terrain of the Canadian Shield. Family-oriented car campground with two beaches and great swimming. Day tripping, overnight hiking and canoeing provide access to exceptional vistas.

1hr from Sudbury to park gate


Spring-fed Fairbank Lake is crystal clear with great swimming at the sandy beach. 

45 mins from Sudbury to park gate

From North Bay 

Samuel de Champlain

Located on the historic Mattawa River fur trade route in the scenic Mattawa Valley. Great hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country ski trails with stunning views.

45 mins from North Bay to park gate

Widdifield Forest 

An important habitat for waterfowl, large mammals, and several uncommon and rare species of plants. Boating, canoeing and fishing with no visitor services. 

45 mins from North Bay to park gate

Marten River

The southern gateway to the Temagami area and a base for canoeists, boaters, hikers and anglers. Car camping available.

45 mins from North Bay to park gate

Finlayson Point

A peninsula in the island-dotted waters of Lake Temagami, part of thousands of kilometres of ancient pine shoreline. Gateway to Temagami’s vast wilderness, including Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater.

1hr 15 mins from North Bay


Great paddling, hiking, ice climbing and mountain biking. Car and RV camping in a beautiful maple forest.

1hr from North Bay to park gate

From Timmins

Kettle Lakes

Twenty-two deep, spring-fed kettle lakes formed by glaciers in Jack Pine Boreal Forest. Excellent fishing and 14km of bike trails. Car camping available.

45 mins from Timmins to park gate


Off the beaten path

These unique and beautiful parks offer a deeper wilderness experience but are still accessible by road.



A rugged landscape of ancient hills and clear lakes, the park is ideal for both backcountry hikers and paddlers with over 40 km of trails. 

2hrs from Sudbury

Misery Bay 

The only operating provincial park on Manitoulin Island, with 15km of hiking trails around the stunning Lake Huron coastline and a wetland area for migratory birds. 

3hrs from Sudbury

W.J.B. Greenwood

Road access, parking and trails to the water are the only facilities for visitors. Canoeing, swimming, and fishing.

1.5 hrs from North Bay


The rushing Englehart River plunges down white-water rapids, over several cascades and waterfalls in a picturesque valley. Car camping available.

2hrs 15 mins from North Bay

Esker Lakes

A pleasant, family-oriented park with small lakes for canoeing and fishing, trails for hiking, sandy beaches and a full range of campground facilities.

3hrs from North Bay; 2hrs from Timmins

Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater

Located in the heart of the Temagami region and a 2400km interconnected canoeing network thousands of years old, this is a spectacular wilderness park encompassing rugged topography, clear lakes and rushing rivers. 

3.5 hours from North Bay


Four sandy beaches on Remi Lake, with great birdwatching. Car camping available.

2hrs from Timmins; 5hrs 30 mins from North Bay


Kap Kig Iwan Falls Englehart Ontario

The wild backcountry

These backcountry gems can only be reached by water or air, and a visit requires research and comprehensive planning. But that work pays off with pristine, remote wilderness and deep solitude – and a uniquely excellent adventure.

Spanish River & Biscotasi Lake

The Spanish River and Biscotasi Lake are favourites for backcountry canoeing. Paddling routes are accessible by train (some by road). 

Closest road access 1hr from Sudbury


The rugged landscape of Solace Provincial Park can only be reached by canoe or floatplane. Located in the Temagami region, Solace connects to Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater and Sturgeon River Provincial Parks.

Water access from Lady Evelyn Smoothwater


Missinaibi is a Canadian Heritage River. The park is 500 km long, encompassing large lakes, scenic waterfalls and outstanding whitewater. The main campground is at the end of an 80km forest road north of Chapleau. The four main canoe routes are accessed at four locations: Missinaibi Lake, Peterbell Rail stop, Shumka rail stop, and Mattice.

Closest road access Chapleau & Mattice


Abitibi-de-Troyes is accessible only by air or water, and there are no park facilities for visitors. The park offers backcountry canoeing, camping, fishing and nature viewing. The park consists of winding Lake Abitibi, parts of the Abitibi and Black rivers, and a 12km peninsula extending into Lake Abitibi.

Closest town Iroquois Falls

Tidewater Provincial Park 

Tidewater is a partnered park operated under agreement with the Moose Cree First Nation, located near the salt waters of James Bay. It consists of five islands in the Moose River estuary. This park is also a destination for those who are canoeing the Missinaibi River or Abitibi River. Accessible by water, visitors must first fly to Moosonee or travel from Cochrane on the famous Polar Bear Express train service.

Polar Bear 

On the western shore of Hudson Bay, about as far north as you can go in Ontario. Remote, and accessible only by air, this is Ontario’s largest park. There are no facilities. Landing permits must be obtained in advance for each of the park’s four airstrips. Sub-arctic conditions. Wildlife includes woodland caribou, moose, marten, fox, beaver, goose, black bear and polar bear. Seals, walruses, beluga and white whales frequent coastal and esturial areas.


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