Eco Lodges

Eco Lodges

If you’re looking for a remote wilderness experience, an Eco Lodge may be the best choice for your next holiday. Designed for maximum comfort and minimum environmental impact, Northeastern Ontario’s Eco Lodges are unique accommodations off the beaten track. Whether you choose to curl up in a Mongolian yurt overlooking the Laurentian Mountains or wake up in a hand-built log bed with views of the Moose River, you’ll enjoy the perfect combination of beautiful scenery, outdoor adventure and one-of-a-kind sustainable lodging.  


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Killarney, ON

Remote Wilderness

Peace and solitude, fresh air, a vast expanse of stars in a night sky free from local light pollution… it’s out there if you want it. And sometimes it’s really far out there – but the journey makes the adventure that much more satisfying! From a five-minute drive down a dirt road to a two-day canoe trip with several portages, how far you travel is entirely up to you. But wherever you end up, it’ll feel like your own wilderness sanctuary.

Gourmet dining with an eco-focus

At an Eco Lodge, meals are all the more special for their sustainable focus. Some lodges work with local producers to provide fresh, in-season ingredients; others rely on their own gardens for herbs and vegetables bursting with flavour – food as fresh as it gets. Some of our Eco Lodge chefs even forage local wild foods to adorn their menu when in season. Enjoy sustainable fare from a top-of-the-line restaurant kitchen or indulge in baked goods fresh from a woodstove – everything tastes better in the fresh air.

Comfort for all levels

Powered by wind and sun, heated by wood, limited running water. If your dream is to live close to the land, staying at an Eco Lodge can give you a taste of an authentic off-grid experience. When you have the night sky as your evening entertainment, chances are you won’t miss wifi. Refresh yourself with a wood-fired sauna and rinse off with a swim in the natural pool above a wilderness waterfall. Keep cozy in front of your very own woodstove in a private cabin looking out over the solitude and rugged wilderness of Killarney. Enjoy a cup of traditional tea in front of a magnificent local limestone fireplace. Whether you bring your own sleeping bag or curl up in luxury, our Eco Lodges provide the level of comfort you’re comfortable with.

Authentic wilderness experiences you can feel good about

Eco Lodge offerings are rooted in a sense of land stewardship and ecological practices, with excursions designed to have a minimal impact on the earth. So if your bucket list calls for an authentic wilderness experience, look no further than a Northeastern Ontario Eco Lodge. Hike under a canopy of lofty pines, feel the energy of seven remote waterfalls, or revel under a star-filled night sky in the Temagami wilderness. Enjoy the pinch-me-I’m-dreaming experience of traveling in a freighter canoe from the mouth of the Moose River to the salt waters of James Bay. Beachcomb at the Moose River Migratory Bird Sanctuary and photograph wildlife and tidal marine fauna. Grab your skis, snowshoes or hiking boots and explore historic rail beds and old forestry roads in prime Boreal wilderness. From the most remote backcountry expeditions to outdoor activities accessible from the highway and close to an ice cream shop, you’ll find the perfect wilderness adventure for you.

Sustainable building practices

Every accommodation is different, but all our Eco Lodges have been built and restored with sustainability in mind. Local wood products shine at Elk Lake Eco Centre, with Douglas fir, spruce, pine, red cedar and birch in pride of place. At Cabin Falls, on a two-acre plot surrounded by 40,000 hectares of protected wilderness, sits a small log cabin built in 1931 and lovingly restored by hand. At Cree Village Eco Lodge feast your eyes on a local limestone rock fireplace – if you look closely, you’ll find fossils in some of the rocks. Whether a new build or a restoration of a salvaged piece of history, Eco Lodge owners and operators aim to create accommodation that touches your heart while preserving the land for generations to come.