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BIG adventures, BIG fish and BIG smiles 

There’s no other way to say it: Northeastern Ontario is an angler’s paradise. Over 184,000km of lakes, rivers and streams cover this part of the province and offer some of the best four-season freshwater fishing in the world. 

Stretching from the French River to the James Bay coast, we’re known for big adventures, big fish and big smiles.

Northeastern Ontario’s lakes and waterways are the perfect place to set your sights on your next personal best. Driving through this region you’ll see freshwater every few minutes–and it’s hard not to stop and drop a line when you do!

Northeast Ontario caters to a number of different fishing styles–freshwater and fly fishing, canoe and kayak angling, powerboats, and ice fishing on foot or by snowmobile. The waterways here could keep you busy for a lifetime, never touching the same lake twice–as long as you’re willing to wet a line.

fishing seasonally

An easy place to learn

If you’re new to freshwater, this is a great place to dive in. Set yourself up on the dock or rent a tinny and drift around a lake for the day. With more than enough trout to go around, you’ll get plenty of bites and learn a few new techniques.

Trophy fishing for the bold

Are you a freshwater fanatic? Home to the cunning, elusive muskellunge and tricky northern pike, Northeastern Ontario offers plenty of challenge for even the most experienced fisher. One must-fish is the big water of Lake Nipissing, also known as Land of Giants. And off the beaten track, our remote back lakes are bucket list experiences where half the fun is getting there. You’ll fish waters rarely touched by anyone else – all it takes is an Argo, ATV or float plane.

What’s biting here

Walleye is one of the most sought-after fish in this region, and the waters around Manitoulin Island offer some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in North America. Northeastern Ontario waterways are home to a wide variety of fish species – including speckled trout, rainbow trout, steelhead, coho, chinook, black crappie, whitefish or yellow perch, walleye, northern pike, muskie and bass. And for almost every fish we have, there’s a unique underwater landscape. Our waterways encompass white-water rapids and fast-running rivers, weedy bays, calm inlets, rocky shores, points and diverse underwater structures. With such great fish and environment diversity, Northeastern Ontario is the perfect region to try out different freshwater techniques and styles. Try your hand at fly fishing, canoe and kayak angling, powerboats, or ice fishing on foot or by snowmobile.


Northeastern Ontario is a mecca for hunters, whether you’re after big game like moose, spring or fall black bear and white-tailed deer, or small game and waterfowl like grouse, partridge and various ducks. Explore the rugged terrain of the Canadian Shield or wade through tide-water flats – our vast wilderness and diverse landscapes make the hunt experience that much more enjoyable.

Our friendly and experienced outfitters and lodge operators will set you up in style with all the comforts of home in an incredible wilderness setting. Fly-in hunting adventures are available too.

Black Bear Hunting Northeastern Ontario

The thrill of hunting in Northeastern Ontario

Northeastern Ontario is home to one of the largest black bear populations in North America, with males averaging 250 pounds. We offer world class bear hunting wrapped in a remote wilderness adventure, with a range of outfitters providing experienced guides who bring a high chance of success to your trophy hunt.

Whether you slip quietly upon a moose along a river or lakeshore, stalk them in the bush or wait patiently along the edges of the marsh, hunting these gentle giants in Northeastern Ontario is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences around. The sheer size of the racks on our white-tail deer – proportionately larger than those in the US – set you up for a thrill.

The excitement of duck hunting never pales – enjoy the crisp autumn air, dew on your feet, waiting in your blind patiently calling. Northeastern Ontario is also home to ruffed grouse and spruce grouse – and while you’re out there, you may come across both woodcock and snowshoe hare.

Coming from out of town?

Non-resident hunters are warmly welcomed in Ontario but must hold all required licenses and tags.

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