Winter Lives Here—The Best Snowmobiling is in Northeastern Ontario

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Anyone who has snowmobiled here knows this for a fact: Northeastern Ontario trails are as good as it gets.

When it comes to great sledding, there are at least 15 reasons why Northeastern Ontario offers some of the best snowmobiling on the continent. Reliable snow, a long season, excellent trail conditions, and friendly, welcoming communities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a fantastic sledding experience—Northeastern Ontario has all that, and more.

We’re All Ready for the First Ride of the Year!

The Perfect Geography for Epic Snowmobile Routes

Sledding in The Seven gives you access to hundreds of lakes, rivers, wilderness forests, and a network of historic logging and mining tracks on a foundation of rolling Canadian Shield granite, delivering a snowmobiling experience like no other. 

Stretching north from the French River and the northern edge of Algonquin Park, Northeastern Ontario borders Quebec to the east, James Bay to the north, and Algoma Country to the west—where the 1,645km Northern Corridor Adventure Tour heads to loop through Hearst and Horne Payne. That’s about a billion square kilometres* of spectacular sledding. 

Northeastern Ontario is also close enough to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal to make a drive north with your trailer a reasonable long weekend getaway from the city! But honestly, you’ll want to stay longer. 

When Cochrane trail signs proclaim “The World’s #1 Snowmobile Trails,” it’s not an idle boast. There’s simply no other place like Northeastern Ontario for feeling the rush on every ride. From the daredevil hills of Sudbury’s Cartier Loop to the extra wide surfaces, long straightaways, and sweeping corners of the logging trails around Cochrane and Iroquois Falls, you can choose your poison.

*280,290 km²

Go Where There’s Snow

Our Snowmobile Communities:

District 11 North Bay District 14 Temagami Temiskaming Shores ● Kirkland Lake ●  Black River-MathesonIroquois FallsTimmins ● District 15 CochraneSmooth Rock Falls Kapuskasing Hearst

A Long Snowmobile Season and Reliable Snow

Trying to catch that early snow? Heading up late in the season? The combination of its weather, trails, and grooming make Northeastern Ontario trail riding possible from December through April in some areas. 

For the past 15 years, the trails of Northeastern Ontario have been open first, closed last, and have more continuous “green” days than any other region in Ontario, making it a pretty good gamble for reliable snow when you’re booking a week-long trip months in advance.

(Not ready to put that sled away? Here’s why Northeastern Ontario is the best place to ride in March and April.)

You and Your Sled are Welcome in Northeastern Ontario

Every town in the region’s sledding corridor embraces winter and welcomes snowmobilers. These snowmobile communities roll out the welcome mat with exceptional trail access, hospitable services, and a high percentage of residents who love snowmobiling, too!

Many of Northeastern Ontario’s lodges, resorts, hotels, motels, and restaurants are accessible from the trails, and offer snowmobile packages and amenities. Whether you’re trail riding or exploring our backcountry, there’s always something new to discover up here—like one of the best snowmobile destinations in the world, Mattawa River Resort.

Groomed Snowmobile Trails for Days

Thousands of kilometres of groomed trails run through four Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club (OFSC) districts in Northeastern Ontario, each with unique geography, well-maintained local loops and epic multi-day snow tours linking towns and regions. 

From the Augusta Lake ice caves on local District 12 trails in the North Shore area, to the sweeping odyssey of the Abitibi Canyon to James Bay tour, there’s a Bucket List checkmark waiting for every rider.

If you’re looking for a High-Miler’s paradise, check out the Gold Rush Tour and the Ride Around Nipissing (RAN) Tour. Altogether, Northeastern Ontario offers a total of 11 OFSC Snow Tours

From the start of the season to the very end, Ontario’s longest snowmobile route, the 1,645-km Northern Corridor Adventure Tour, delivers some serious sledding for snowmobilers crossing the border from the U.S., Quebec, or Manitoba.

Those who aren’t interested in planning routes or navigating signage can still go big with the almost 900-km run from North Bay to Hearst, sticking to only one trail—the TOP A.

Keeping Our Sledding Trails in Great Shape Thanks to Volunteers

Northeastern Ontario’s snowmobile volunteer clubs and district organizations are serious about snow. They work tirelessly all year long to keep our snowmobile trails in great shape. OFSC District 11 (Near North Trail Association), District 12 (Sudbury Trail Plan), District 14 (Timiskaming-Abitibi Trail Association) and District 15 (Northern Corridor du Nord) have assembled a seamless web using as many superior riding corridors as possible. Most of these routes now form part of the famous Trans Ontario Provincial (TOP) Trail system that connects communities and enables cross-regional riding.

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Want to extend your ride further into the Northeast? View connecting routes of our partners in the Municipality of Greenstone and the Town of Hearst.

Visit the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide for the most up-to-date Trail Conditions

Where will your next snowmobile trip in Northeastern Ontario take you?

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