Taking the day to wander the forests for an enjoyable, relaxing, and healthy experience. Trees have always been a symbol of life and abundance in many cultures, only recently has the therapeutic benefits of simply being in the forest been clinically proven.

Forest therapy is growing in popularity and provides the modern technophile with a chance to relax the mind and synchronize one’s biological rhythm to the forest.

Forest bathing can be a guided cycle, hike, paddle, or off road trek and we have the experts who can help you find an experience that suits your interest. Whether is series trails or rivers to navigate exploring the the natural environment will cleanse all your senses. The forest has a great effect on human health, if allowed your mind and body to be immersed. The sounds, textures, and refreshing forest air can dispel stress and soothe senses.

Call a lodge to create your home base during your stay, or spend the night camping out under the stars. Keep your eyes on the sky for the Northern Lights – you never know when nature’s most spectacular light show will make an appearance!


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