Scenic landscapes, fresh air, and plenty of space to explore


With our thousands of lakes and rivers set deep in Canada’s pristine boreal forest, our landscapes are the perfect place to unplug and recharge. Come north and discover our endless hiking and cycling trails, remote paddling and camping opportunities, and world-class lodgings.

Nature is never far away up here. In fact, our nature is easily accessible and just minutes from the downtown centres of our vibrant cities like North Bay, Cochrane, Timmins, and Sudbury. No matter whether you choose an invigorating day trip on our extensive urban trails and waterways, or opt for a once-in-a-lifetime getaway deep into the remote wilderness, we know you’ll love getting to know our great outdoors.

No matter what your taste, we’ve got outdoor experiences for everyone. Whether it’s a guided cycle, hike, paddle, or off-road trek you’re after, we have the experts who can help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

Stay at a lodge or spend the night camping out under the stars. And keep your eyes on the sky for the Northern Lights–you never know when nature’s most spectacular light show will make an appearance!

Hiking in Northeastern Ontario


People love to come to Northeastern Ontario for our hiking trails. Our trails range from easy to challenging, and each offers unique vistas and the opportunity to get away from it all and be at one with nature. You’ve even told us what your five favourite trails are, and they range from the sloping forested path that leads to the spectacular Bridal Veil Falls, to the rocky, vertical challenge of the Cup and Saucer Adventure Trail.

With thousands of kilometers of trails to explore, you just might discover your inner hiker in Northeastern Ontario.

Where to go Hiking in Northeastern Ontario

We’re rounded up the top five most popular hikes to add to your bucket list.

#5: Fire Tower & White Bear Forest (Temagami)

#4: Cup & Saucer Trail (Manitoulin Island)

#3: Duchesnay Falls (North Bay)

#2: Devil’s Rock (Temiskaming Shores)

#1: Bridal Veil Falls (Manitoulin Island)

Cycling in Northeastern Ontario


From Mattawa to Massey to Manitoulin Island, Northeastern Ontario is a haven for cyclists. Are you looking for dedicated cycling routes, great local restaurants, and rolling rural routes? Rugged mountain biking terrain, special cycling events, and Ontario By Bike certified accommodations?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then put Northeastern Ontario on your list for your next cycling holiday! Here are some resources to help plan your next cycling trip. 

Where to go Cycling in Northeastern Ontario

Manitoulin Island

Mattawa & North Bay

Sudbury & Timmins

Making Connections

Paddling in Northeastern Ontario


From the rugged Ottawa, Mattawa, and French Rivers to the mighty Moose, Northeastern Ontario is a playground for paddlers. Whether you prefer to skim across a surface as smooth as glass on your stand-up paddleboard (check out the best places to SUP in Northeastern Ontario), or ride a canoe or kayak through the whitewater of some backcountry rapids, Northeastern Ontario is your natural choice for an outdoor paddling adventure.

All you have to decide is what sort of experience is right for you. Are you craving an overnight camping trip far from civilization? Perhaps you’re looking for a series of leisurely day trips with nights spent at a comfortable hotel. For your next big paddling adventure, consider one of Northeastern Ontario’s amazing destinations below.  

Where to Go Canoeing in Northeastern Ontario


In the land of the black spruce and rivers that flow into James Bay, the Cochrane area offers some thrilling paddling adventures.

French River

Paddle the route of Indigenous peoples, French and English explorers, the fur traders and the voyageurs. Centuries of history await you on the French, Canada’s first designated Canadian Heritage River.


Killarney is like a painter’s palette with its white quartzite hills, green pines, red granite shorelines, and emerald waters. Stay at Killarney Mountain Lodge in town and paddle around the bay in some complimentary kayaks or explore the endless scenic campsites in nearby Killarney Provincial Park.

Manitoulin Island

The North Shore of Manitoulin Island is one of the most scenic places to kayak in Ontario. It’s the perfect destination that combines paddling with island hopping.


If you’ve always wanted to be a voyageur and travel in the footsteps of some Canadian legends, the Mattawa River is a good place to start.

Moosonee/Moose Factory

For the sea kayaker, Moosonee is the gateway to the north and a launching point for farther destinations, be it across the Moose River to Moose Factory, or up the west coast of James Bay.

North Bay

Situated between Lake Nipissing and Trout Lake, and straddling both the Ottawa River watershed to the east and the Great Lakes Basin to the west, paddlers can take off from North Bay in just about any direction—a great place to start your Ottawa, Mattawa, and French River trips!


It’s no secret that Sudbury is home to 330 lakes, but the “blue lagoon” may be one secret well worth exploring. A seemingly bottomless lagoon surrounded by steep granite and quartz walls make for a paddler’s delight. Plus, check out 7 easy ways to get out on the water in Sudbury


For canoeing enthusiasts, the word “Temagami” inspires visions of lakes, rivers, and white and red pine, with plenty of access points for an unforgettable paddling adventure.

Temiskaming Shores

Temiskaming Shores offers great canoe access westward to Maple Mountain in the heart of the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Park wilderness area. Looking up at the view of the famous Devil’s Rock cliff towering above your canoe or kayak is awe-inspiring. 


Timmins is a great place to start your canoe or kayak overnight or day trips. The famous Mattagami River is a natural choice, as is a route from Gogama to Smooth Rock Falls through Timmins.

However you choose to explore Northeastern Ontario’s great outdoors, rest assured your next cycling, hiking, or paddling adventure will be a memorable one. Our lakes and rivers, our trails, rocky landscapes, and pristine old-growth forests promise the outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

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