The Upper Ottawa Valley and Laurentian Mountains rise alongside the Mattawa and Ottawa Rivers where the bilingual community of Papineau-Cameron offers visitors looking for new outdoor adventures in Ontario’s northland a heartfelt and warm year-round welcome!

GO – Papineau-Cameron and the surrounding region is heaven to outdoor enthusiasts who live to ride multi-use trail systems. From historic rivers of the fur trade era to the groomed routes of the Voyageur-Multi Use Trail System (VMUTS) and Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club trails, this community’s access to lush forests and scenic landscapes fits the needs of all modern-day explorers.

DO – Mattawa Golf & Ski Resort offers a 9-hole course while getting a taste of Northeastern Ontario’s outdoors and wildlife. This well-maintained course alongside Highway 17 provides five cottages for road-weary travellers coming by highway or snowmobile.

SEE – Discover A Crater in Algonquin Park. A day trip to the Brent Crater is just a short drive East along Highway 17, take the Brent Crater Road leading south into Algonquin Park.

SNAP- Ride through the rolling hills. Check out horseback riding as an active option for beautiful riding experiences in the picturesque forests and fields of Papineau-Cameron! You have two great options: Freedom Acres and Lady Bug Stables. 

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