Welcome to Harley!

The Place to Live, Work & Play

The Township of Harley is an economic and agricultural township situated just north of Temiskaming Shores. The township was first opened up for settlement in 1896 and for several years, logging fuelled its economic growth. Today, Harley is very proud of its Industrial Park and the businesses that have made it their home. The Township of Harley­–the place to live, work, and play.

GO – Harley is known for agriculture, so take a drive through some of the most beautiful and fertile farmland in the Timiskaming District.

DO – Whether you plan to stay for a while or if you’re passing through, check out what’s happening at the Harley Recreation Centre.

SEE – The ghost town of Uno Park was a thriving community until the Great Fire of 1922 swept through, leaving only ashes and a few buildings.

SNAP – Point your camera in just about any direction and you’re sure to get a shot of some stunning Northeastern Ontario scenery.