The Ultimate Northeastern Ontario Golf Guide

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Northeastern Ontario golf courses provide some of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways for locals and tourists to enjoy all that our region has to offer. From open courses with wide fairways to much more technical layouts with narrow tree lined holes scattered with hazards, Northeastern Ontario has something that all levels of golfers will enjoy.

Golfing is not only a great sport, but the laid back and relaxed atmosphere creates a great environment to enjoy the beauty and wildlife that our region is known for.

COVID-19 UPDATE: You as well as we love the game for the escape it provides and its positive impact on physical, social and mental well-being. We all look forward to better and healthier days and when the time is right for us to return to normal recreational routines. Once the clubs and courses here in Northeastern Ontario they will be ready to welcome golfers.

As we urge everyone to follow the guidelines from health and governmental officials to keep you and those around you safe, by minimizing any possible exposure to coronavirus. For golf course operators, workers, and players a heighten awareness of exposure on surfaces like flagsticks, golf balls, bunker rakes, tees, carts and scorecards, the right decisions need to be considered to protect each other.

Golf Canada has provide a set of guidelines to help golf course operators, committees and golfers better understand how the Rules of Golf and Rules of Handicapping apply to the various questions received by the governing bodies.

The Modernized Rules of Golf were drafted to offer each Committee the flexibility to make decisions as to how golf is played at their course or in competition and the Committee Procedures section of the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf (available online here) offers a significant amount of guidance and recommendations on how to address circumstances unique to each course or competition.

As active seasons start to open across the country, we would like to discuss impacts on Handicapping.  From the perspective of the Rules of Handicapping, the most frequent questions received are primarily related to the acceptability of scores for posting to a player’s scoring record. In particular, to modifying the hole and not requiring the player to “hole out” as required under the Rules of Golf. These are founded in a desire to minimize the possibility of exposing golfers to coronavirus and have included leaving the hole liner raised above the putting surface or placing various objects into the hole so the ball can be more easily removed. In these specific cases, ensuring guidance from health and governmental officials is being followed, a temporary measure is in place in Canada to accept scores played under these conditions for handicap purposes using the most likely score guidelines (Rule 3.3, Rules of Handicapping), even though the player has not holed out.

Please remember that this temporary measure is now in effect within Canada until advised otherwise by Golf Canada.

Check out each of the regional guides below to discover the great golf courses in your area, or wherever you may be travelling.

City of Greater Sudbury & Area

Northern Corridor

North Shore – Manitoulin Island Area

North Bay & Mattawa Area

Temiskaming Shores Area

Timmins Area

West Nipissing & French River Area

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